You're Here!: A Keepsake Baby Book

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Create a record of the special, unrepeatable days--every first, every dream, every wonderfilled moment. Capture the memories and mementos from baby's first year in this beautiful keepsake book.


Inside You're Here you'll find charming illustrations, thoughtful prompts, and sweet quotations to celebrate the miracles and milestones of a little one's new life--from photos and family trees to footprints and first haircuts! Features a cloth cover with a ribbon marker and bellyband.


Amelia Riedler is a wordsmith and grammar guru living in Seattle, Washington. In addition to a passion for the written word, she has a deep and abiding love of animals. She draws her inspiration from the things she loves: her family, her home, and small dogs in sweaters--including her own small pooch, Barley.

Justine Edge originated from the Great White North and spent her early years climbing trees, herding cows, and wrangling blackberry brambles. These days you'll find her in Seattle, dreaming of exotic travels and satisfying an appetite for delicious food and great design. Justine's favorite parts of the creative process involve dreaming big and getting messy, but the end goal is always beautiful, functional creations.


Pub Date: February 01, 2020

0.5" H x 9.0" L x 9.0" W

64 pages