La N'atelier

Founded in 2020, La N’atelier is the vehicle for the creative works of owner Nathalie Janssen. Stemming from a family of antique dealers, craftspeople and entrepreneurs, her interest in manifesting creative ideas through handwork and an appreciation for art and design history was sparked at an early age. After receiving a sewing machine as a graduation present, Nathalie decided to take a leap of faith and start her own business sharing her passion for modern craftsmanship with the world. La N’atelier was born from a desire to bring beauty into everyday objects. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, the timeless floral patterns adorn those who add these objects of use to their everyday with casual romanticism. Offering a great array of designs and colours, the variety of these floral creations is as diverse as the personalities and moods of those who wear them. Whilst utilising high-quality embroidered Indian textiles and paying loving attention to technique and design, the creations of La N’atelier are multifunctional and embodied with a spirit that values durability and environmental consciousness, as well as aesthetics. The true worth of these material objects is defined by the love that goes into creating them.

Established in: 2020

Based in: The Hague

Ships from: Netherlands

Products made in: Netherlands