Busy Hands Studio

Hi, we are Sophie Meuch and Chase Woolner of Busy Hands Studio! We live a grounded and whimsical lifestyle that our 8 year old selves would envy and which our 5 year old selves would expect. We play with a lot of mediums - ceramics, embroidery, puppetry, knitting, sculpture, printing, illustration, sewing, design, writing, collecting, baking, and more. Our hands do a lot, and both pairs of hands touch every product we make throughout the process. We’re really proud of that. Our mission is to support the daily rituals and artistic process of creative people: painters, culinary artists, sewists, crafters & tinkerers. Our handmade artist supplies and tools - such as our ceramic paint palettes and paint water cups - are meant for all artists, whether beginning or professional, student or master. All of our products use high quality earthly materials and fine craftsmanship to bring beauty to your space. We care about the environment and are inspired by the natural world. We are worried about climate change and the prevalence of plastic everywhere in our world. Thus, we are mindful and consider the environment with every purchase and creative decision we make. We use regional clay and reclaim every scrap of it. We reuse packaging materials from neighbors and local businesses. We use found objects in our creations. When you purchase from us, you’re supporting our intentions and ethics.


Established in: 2020

Based in: Jackson, Michigan

Brand Values: Small Batch, Eco Friendly, Not on Amazon, Women Owned, Handmade