Montrose Biology

Fun, inspired by nature.

Montrose Biology aims to engage and excite nature lovers of all ages, from pre-K kids to professional ecologists.

Founded by biology teacher Matt Montrose, the company believes that in order to protect this beautiful planet we live on, we must inspire fascination with its biodiversity. The more people who understand and fall in love with the natural world, the better chance we have of saving it.

Matt grew up splashing around in creeks with pockets full of newts and beetles. David Attenborough VHS tapes were his first teacher. His grandparents raised birds professionally and his childhood home was covered in aquariums. The core of his personality was formed in gardens, tidepools, meadows, and mud puddles.

While his games are designed with students in mind, they are also heavily influenced by the variety of strategy board games we encountered growing up. They are rooted in real science, but strategic enough to find a home in any game night rotation.

The design process includes sourcing, colorizing, manipulating, and altering vintage art in the public domain until we've created a sort of digital collage that is printed. Text and borders may come from a 1700s map, while organism art might be a combination of two lithograph prints from the 1800s. The result is a beautiful game that is equal parts strategic and instructive.