Learning Herbs

We are a small, family-owned business dedicated to helping people learn about the nourishing and healing qualities of plants.

John and I started LearningHerbs in 2004 just after our daughter, Hailey, was born. Our son, Rowan, was five at the time. John had been studying herbs for several years, and as a young family, we were excited about all we were learning about herbs. We would gather plants together and turn them into food and medicine for ourselves and our children.

LearningHerbs was born out of our desire to share what we were learning with other families. We are continually developing simple, creative ways to connect people with plants – like our Wildcraft! board game and HerbMentor, our membership site.

As our little home business has grown, we have been able to hire an amazing team. We have dedicated ourselves to developing a work culture where everyone is thriving, hiring people for positions they are passionate to fill, and prioritizing vibrant health for all our employees.

We believe that everyone should have access to the healing herbs that grow around them. We do this by nourishing our growing community of home herbalists.