Tree Blocks


Treeblocks LLC makes product in the USA and Vietnam.

In the mid 1990s, Karl Oppen, the original founder of Tree Blocks, becomes disenchanted with the corporate world. He was dismayed by the amount of waste created by the company he worked for. He decided to move on and turn his long-held passion for wood into a business.

Treeblocks LLC is one of the first companies in the US to offer toys and games made from reclaimed, recycled and sustainably harvested wood. Our ethical commitment to the environment and to the community where production is housed has been central to our philosophy since 1995. We are dedicated to making compelling and wholesome toys for children.

Treeblocks LLC is registered in California but our warehouse is in Wisconsin, close to the Amish community which makes our barked block sets, the plush ball and our magnetic puzzles. The smooth blocks and other toys are made in our factory in Vietnam. The bark slips off much more easily from the tropical wood.



Established in 1995

Based in

Granada Hills