My Story

nature+nurture has been slowly growing in my heart, even as my kids and I have faced a season of adversity.  I realized the lifestyle we were living--both indoors and out--bonded us through the hardships, built resiliency, inspired thankfulness, and provided safe places for us to reconnect.

I love sharing things that will protect and heal, strengthen and inspire anyone at any age. And so nature+nurture was born. As an alternative to impersonal warehouse shopping, I want to share with you the best books as I know them and find them, along with art, educational materials, toys, gifts and anything else that makes a house a home.  And what is a home without Story? I believe in the power of story, the grounding of nature, the comfort of bonding through learning--together.  These curated products will help anyone awaken wonder and imagination through exploration, play and story - cultivating a culture of curiosity, creativity and calm.  Thanks for growing alongside us!