Thistle & Purl

All natural products are what we do best. Our commitment is to provide people with products made of natural fibers or organic natural fibers because that is best for baby and everyone. Even the dyes used for swaddles are of natural origin and individually hand dyed.

I began my dyeing journey in college as a Fiber Arts minor at Kent State.  I had a wonderful professor and learned about reactive dyes.  Since that time I have raised a family, homeschooled, and continued to try to be creative.

Upon learning that I was going to be a Grandma, I began making baby things, but wanted non toxic dyes for the upcoming blessing.  The research into natural dyeing began and I have entered into a complex, challenging, and rewarding experience.  I want to share this natural way to dye that is okay for baby with others.

The name Thistle & Purl has so many meanings to me.

Thistle is the part that connects to nature and my husband’s family heritage is Scottish, hence the Scottish Thistle.

Purl, well there are so many “Pearls” in my life.  I have had two Grandmas with the middle name of Pearl.  One was a hard worker and had a farm, the other was a quilter and handed down a love of fiber craft.  My Quilter Grandma (Nettie) was my great- grandma and she passed down her love of sewing to her daughter (Emagene), and then on to her daughter (Linda), both Emagene and Linda have been major influences and I love them dearly. Lastly, my mother’s best friend’s mom (Lou)  had a love of all needlework and took her time to teach many girls her art, she was lovely and amazingly talented.  Sweet Lou loved to shop at a place called Stitch, Piece, & Purl.

So many creative women have been the influence on this shop.  I do hope you enjoy!

Instagram: @thistleandpurl