Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure Game

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  • UNLIKE MANY KIDS GAMES 4 and up that turn out to be TOO CONFUSING for children, Wildcraft An Herbal Adventure Game is a fun, STRATEGIC CHALLENGE that’s also easy to follow – NO READING required. Because our learning board games feature clear illustrations and matching icons, even younger kids will learn what the different plants look like and can be used for. It’s the perfect fun games for family game night with kids, and ideal for beginners – NO PRIOR PLANT KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY!


  • EDUCATIONAL FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! The perfect mix of adventure and learning, Wildcraft! takes kids on an EXCITING QUEST through several ecosystems – while learning all about 25 edible and MEDICINAL PLANTS, where they grow, and how to use them! With WATERFALLS to slide down, LOGS TO CROSS, and DEER TRAILS to wander down, Wildcraft! home games have the fun interactive elements that kids love. And before you know it, your little ones will be identifying plants right in your BACKYARD!


  • WHILE OTHER TABLETOP GAMES for game night are POOR QUALITY, with TOXIC materials and parts that BREAK IN LITTLE HANDS, Wildcraft! is made in the USA with 100% RECYCLED and RECYCLABLE materials. We use a WATER-BASED coating instead of varnish, and our beautiful watercolor illustrations are printed with VEGETABLE OIL-BASED INKS. Our plant game includes a classic Game Board, Instructions, 4 Player Pieces, 54 Plant Playing Cards, 52 Trouble Cards, 25 Cooperative Cards, and a Spinner!


  • INCLUDES 3 FUN PRINTABLES! Along with our learning games for kids ages 3-5, you get access to 3 FULL-COLOR, PRINTABLE downloads to READ, LEARN and COLOR! THE WILDCRAFT! STORY is a fun illustrated journey through sustainable plant harvesting, endangered plants, ecosystems and more. The 27-page WILDCRAFT! BOTANICAL COLORING BOOK helps kids learn the plants in our educational game. And our POCKET GUIDE is the perfect reference to take on family nature outings, hikes and camping trips!


  • AT LearningHerbs, WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF CONNECTING KIDS TO NATURE and appreciating everything OUR GREAT EARTH HAS TO OFFER. As parents, we designed Wildcraft! fun family games for kids 4 and up and card games for kids board games ages 4-8 with our own son in mind – a COOPERATIVE NATURE GAME with the interactive elements kids love, like the TIMELESS best board games for kids 4-6 and up. A portion of our proceeds goes toward UNITED PLANT SAVERS, a nonprofit botanical SANCTUARY.