Wild Animals I Have Known by Ernest Thompson Seton

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This edition features all the stories for this classic of nature lore, however they have been rearranged to fit the reading order used by Ambleside Online.

From the foreword- "THESE STORIES are true. Although I have left the strict line of historical truth in many places, the animals in this book were all real characters. They lived the lives I have depicted, and showed the stamp of heroism and personality more strongly by far than it has been in the power of my pen to tell...

"Such a collection of histories naturally suggests a common thought a moral it would have been called in the last century. No doubt each different mind will find a moral to its taste, but I hope some will herein find emphasized a moral as old as Scripture: we and the beasts are kin. Man has nothing that the animals have not at least a vestige of, the animals have nothing that man does not in some degree share."

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228 pages

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