Waves: Principles of Light, Electricity and Magnetism (Secrets of the Universe #5)

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Have you ever wondered why a prism turns ordinary sunlight into a rainbow? Isaac Newton knew why. How can a magnet be used to generate electricity? Michael Faraday could have told you. Can you explain how a toaster toasts bread? In this book, author Paul Fleisher answers these and many more questions as he looks at the laws that describe how waves behave. Through simple experiments, detailed illustrations and concepts that are easy to understand, readers are introduced to the basic principles of light, electricity and magnetism in a fun, exciting way.

This edition of Paul Fleisher’s Secrets of the Universe has been fully revised by the author and features all of the original illustrations by Patricia Keeler.

by Paul Fleisher, illustrated by Patricia A. Keeler

Living Book Press

0.24" H x 8.5" L x 5.5" W

100 pages