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Twig & Moth's Kid's Nature Journal is Now Made In a Smaller Size!

This is the exact same Nature Journal created a few years ago, only smaller in size - as requested by their lovely customers! The pages of this perfect bound (think coloring book) journal are printed on a very nice 55 lb paper, but markers and paint WILL bleed through. Good old pencils and color pencils are going to work beautifully for your child’s nature journal entries.

This simple and easy to use kids nature journal was designed with children ages 6-12 in mind (but of course can be used by any age!).

Alice's own kids (so I would assume a few others) were always somewhat overwhelmed by the big open space of a completely blank page when they first began their adventures in nature study. So Alice teamed up with her 9 year old daughter, and they came up with a non-intimidating journal that was fun and easy for her to just take out and use any time, with little help from mom. It is really a nature workbook of sorts, and has been designed to encourage frequency of use, and therefore develop the lifelong habit of nature observation.

This 6”x9” nature journal has 110 pages total with 49 pages for recording important information on the wide ruled lines (such as the date, location, lunar phase etc.) and sketches. The following pages have been included in the front of this nature journal:

• A place to record the owner’s name.

• A list of nature observation tips.

• A few handy supplies.

• How to use this journal.

• Phases of the moon.

• A few animal tracks.

• Plants to avoid.

Again, the pages are printed on 55 lb paper and markers and paint will bleed through. Pencils and color pencils are what will work best for journal entries.

6 x 0.25 x 9 inches

Twig & Moth