Tropical Rain Forest (One Small Square)

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Bats and big cats. Armies of ants. Squawking parrots. Strangling figs. From the ground up to the tree tops, the tropical rainforest teems with life. Stunning drawings, step-by-step experiments, fun-to-do activities, and fascinating facts abound in this magical exploration of an essential ecosystem, in danger of disappearing forever. Tropical Rain Forest is a new edition to the One Small Square Series not previously published in hardcover.
Jacket Description/Back:
"Bound to excite would-be scientists and browsers alike."--ALA Booklist. It's teeming with life--many kinds of life. Giant cats and skittish bats. Squawking parrots and upside-down sloths. Even the trees seem animated, with their long, loopy vines. From its earth floor to the top of the tree canopy, the tropical rain forest has more things living in it than any other habitat on earth. Stunning drawings, step-by-step experiments, fun activities, and fascinating facts abound in this magical exploration on an essential ecosystem--which may now be in danger of disappearing forever. With this book, you can explore one small square of rain forest in a a nature preserve...or at home. This is a welcome new addition to the critically acclaimed One Small Square and nature series for children ages 6 to 9. This book includes: stunning full-color illustrations of the habitat and its creatures; motivating experiments and activities, along with clear, diagrammed instructions and safety tips; a picture field guide to the habitat; a glossary-index and resource list. One Small Square puts the whole world in perspective for children, one small square at a time. Each book is a thrilling, up-close encounter with the natural world; from the stars above us to the habitats, ecosystems, and creatures around us.

Table of Contents:
Introduction. What Lives in a Rain Forest? Where Rain Forests are Found. Forest Floor: Army Ants, Buttress Roots, Soil. Forest Floor: Herbivores, Camouflage. Forest Floor: Predators Including Big Cats. Midstory: Vines, Sloths, Snakes. Midstory: Frogs, Parasites, Large Insects. Midstory: Highway to the Top. Canopy: Where the Light Is, Epiphytes, Reptiles. Canopy: Creatures That Live in a Bromeliad ``Pond''. Canopy: Colorful Butterflies and Birds. Canopy: Monkeys. Canopy: Trees That Emerge from the Canopy, Eagles and Other Soaring Predators. When the Rain Forest Floods. Why Save the Rain Forest.

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