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We've all heard this fact before: trees keep our air breathable and it's true! Without trees like the Pine, Elm, Juniper, Monkey Puzzle, Topiary, Petticoat, Aspen, and 2 Maples found in this Toob, the air would be full of carbon dioxide.

History: Arguably one of the most important naturally occurring resources, trees have been used and venerated for ages. Not only were trees irreplaceably vital in the construction of early homes, ships, weapons, agriculture constructs, and much more, but many religions and cultures hold or held them in special regard. For example, Celtic, Greek, and Norse mythology all used trees to represent life, with some cultures even believing that one, large central tree connected the underworld, the natural world, and the heavens.

Characteristics: Individually painted with scientifically accurate detail, these models will please even the pickiest botanist.

Made in China

Safari Ltd