Thornton Burgess Five-Minute Bedtime Tales: From Old Mother West Wind's Library

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Where did Grandfather Frog get his big mouth, and why doesn't Buster Bear have a tail? When did Mr. Bluebird win his coat, and how did Howler the Wolf get his name? This charming collection of fables transports readers and listeners into Thornton Burgess's Green Forest. In the magical woodland home of Peter Cottontail, Bob White, Spotty the Turtle, and other adventurous animals, children learn gentle lessons about ecology and respect for the environment.

These 17 stories originated with the author's Old Mother West Wind series of "Why," "How," "When," and "Where" books. This modern edition features vibrantly re-colored versions of Harrison Cady's original illustrations. Each tale is just a few pages long -- ideal for bedtime reading and quickly lulling children off to sleep.

Table of Contents:

Why Jimmy Skunk Never Hurries
Why Sammy Jay Has a Fine Coat
Why Buster Bear Appears to Have No Tail
Why Spotty the Turtle Carries His House with Him
Why Paddy the Beaver Has a Broad Tail
How Howler the Wolf Got His Name
How Lightfoot the Deer Learned to Jump
How the Eyes of Old Mr. Owl Became Fixed
How Old Mr. Heron Learned Patience
When Mr. Bluebird Won His Beautiful Coat
When Mr. Kingfisher Took to the Ground
When Bob White Won His Name
When Old Mr. Hare Became a Turncoat
When Peter Rabbit First Met Bluffer the Adder
Where Grandfather Frog Got His Big Mouth
Where Old Mrs. 'Gator Made the First Incubator
Where Mr. Quack Got His Webbed Feet

Target Age: 7-9

Dover Publications

Pub Date: November 17, 2011

0.33" H x 10.91" L x 8.23" W

114 pages