The Ultimate Sticker Book: Bugs

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Get up close to the most fascinating bugs, insects, and other creepy crawlies in this fun sticker activity book.


A fun, bug-themed book packed with puzzles, quizzes, and, of course, lots and lots of stickers!


This colorful children's activity book contains more than 250 stickers. The stickers are reusable and easy-to-peel--perfect for little fingers to add to pages again and again!


Kids will love this journey into the world of insects and other creepy crawlies, learning about the different shapes and sizes of bugs, discovering how they camouflage themselves, and learning about specific insects such as grasshoppers and beetles. Bugs are something that children anywhere can go outside and explore for themselves, too! Fascinating facts accompany simple, fun activities such as follow-the-trail, matching the butterflies to their wings, and a bugs quiz. Children are challenged to find the correct stickers to fill in the blanks in the images, and are encouraged to be creative and create their own scene out of stickers. The combination of fun activities and information means that kids can learn as they play.


Meet beautiful butterflies, buzzing bees, colorful caterpillars, and more!

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Target Age: 5-7

DK Publishing 

Pub Date:  February 02, 2021

0.6" H x 10.9" L x 7.6" W 

32 pages