The Mother Tongue: Adapted for Modern Students (The Mother Tongue #1)

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A classic is back. The Mother Tongue Book II was first published over one hundred years ago, but the vintage grammar text from George Kittredge and Sarah Arnold has a faithful following, even today. The original text is all here, but with a fresh look designed to bring this classic to a new generation of students. New features will aid students in their study of intermediate and advanced grammar concepts. Margin boxes emphasize key points. Notes from the editors explain outmoded terms to modern students. With nearly 400 pages packed with instruction and practice, The Mother Tongue, Adapted for Modern Students is suited for classroom, homeschool, or self-study settings. It is also an excellent grammar reference book.


Blue Sky Daisies

0.81" H x 11.02" L x 8.5" W

394 pages