The Life Cycles of Butterflies: From Egg to Maturity, a Visual Guide to 23 Common Garden Butterflies

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This stunning photographic guide will have butterfly enthusiasts of all ages aflutter. Judy Burris and Wayne Richards include more than 400 full-color, up-close images that present the life cycles of 23 common North American butterflies in amazing detail. Watch caterpillars hatch from eggs, eat and grow, form into chrysalides, emerge as colorful butterflies, and fly through the air. You'll also learn which plants butterflies avoid and which native species they're attracted to, so you can create your own backyard butterfly haven.

"The dazzling, close-up photos and compelling writing make this easily accessible to young readers..."
--Cecilia Goodnow, San Antonio Express-News

Table of Contents:



1 The Butterfly from Start to Finish

How a Butterfly Lays Its Eggs * How a Caterpillar Grows * How a Chrysalis Is Formed * Continuing the Cycle


2 Butterfly Life Cycles

Eastern Black Swallowtail * Giant Swallowtail * Pipevine Swallowtail * Spicebush Swallowtail * Tiger Swallowtail * Zebra Swallowtail * Gulf Fritillary * Variegated Fritillary * Zebra Longwing * Question Mark * Eastern Comma * Common Buckeye * American Lady * Painted Lady * Red Admiral * Silvery Checkerspot * Red-spotted Purple * Viceroy * Monarch * Queen * Cabbage White * Clouded Sulphur * Pearl Crescent


3 Butterfly Habitat Gardening

Host Plants * Our Top Nectar Flowers


4 Other Garden Visitors

Assorted Butterflies * Assorted Skippers




Easy Comparison Guides: Eggs, Caterpillars, Chrysalises




Judy Burris is the co-author of The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs and The Life Cycles of Butterflies. She and her brother and co-author, Wayne Richards, have spent many years observing, raising, and photographing the amazing lives of insects in their own backyards in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Storey Publishing

Pub Date: April 01, 2006

0.5" H x 7.5" L x 9.7" W

151 pages