The Happy Dinner Table: The Path to Healthy & Harmonious Family Meals by Anna Migeon

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Discover the direct path from picky eating to greater enjoyment of family meals and a more harmonious home life. Transform your dinner table into a place of happy memories instead of a battlefield as you explore delightful ways to reverse picky eating and establish an atmosphere of mutual respect. This book includes personal stories, research studies and enlightening examples that will equip you to work with your children instead of against them. You'll discover where to hold the line with your child and where to back off, where to focus your efforts for greatest impact and where taking it easy is critical. You'll find here practical, proven tactics to engage a child's will without resorting to rewards or punishment. This book empowers parents to guide their children toward a sincere appreciation of what's good for them, at the table and beyond.

Anna Migeon is the mom of two young adults who have always willingly eaten anything put on the table, from cow tongue to turnips. The one time they resisted, within ten seconds they were begging for a taste. She is passionate about sharing her experiences with Charlotte Mason's philosophy of rearing children and the cultural traditions, delicious dishes and healthy attitudes toward eating that she discovered while parenting in France. She conducts workshops and coaches parents on eliminating picky eating. Anna shares her empty nest in San Antonio, Texas, with her French husband, Gérard.

Independently Published

Pub Date: May 27, 2016

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240 pages