The Essential Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms

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From the basics of using mushroom kits to working with grain spawn, liquid cultures, and fruiting chambers, Stephen Russell covers everything you need to know to produce mouthwatering shiitakes, oysters, lion's manes, maitakes, and portobellos. Whether you're interested in growing them for your own kitchen or to sell at a local market, you'll soon be harvesting a delicious and abundant crop of mushrooms.

Table of Contents:


Part 1: Basics for Beginners


1. Getting to Know Mushrooms
2. Basic Growing Options
3. Combating Contaminants
4. Your First Grow


Part 2: Intermediate Methods


5. Pressure Cookers and Flow Hoods
6. Grain Spawn
7. Casings
8. Liquid Cultures
9. Working with Sawdust
10. Midsize Fruiting Chambers


Part 3: Advanced Methods


11. Agar Cultures
12. Large-Scale Grain Spawn
13. Bulk Substrates



Stephen Russell owns The Hoosier Mushroom Company. He founded the The Hoosier Mushroom Society and travels throughout the year speaking at clubs, festivals, and conferences. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Storey Publishing

Pub Date: August 12, 2014

0.6" H x 9.1" L x 7.1" W

232 pages