The Easy Camp Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Your Car Camping and Backcountry Adventures

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After a long day on the trail or while sitting around a roaring fire, food just tastes better than it does at home. Sized perfectly for limited packing space, this all-inclusive camping cookbook will expand your wilderness culinary chops. The Easy Camp Cookbook is a compilation of family favorites that are (mostly) healthy, will fuel your adventures, and are simple to make--no more settling for plain ol' hot dogs and tasteless freeze-dried foods!

Organized into two sections: car camping and backcountry camping, this camping cookbook features delicious, easy-to-make recipes. Many recipes can be prepped at home so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying camping--it even includes vegetarian options! Take the guesswork out of keeping everyone fed with this insightful camping cookbook.

Inside this camping cookbook, you'll find:

  • Prep ahead--Many of the recipes utilize at-home prep to make meals that much easier (and cleaner!) at the campsite.
  • Be prepared--Get camping advice, including an at-home prepping guide, camping checklist, safety tips, and more.
  • Light read--The packable size of this handy guide makes it ideal for your next camping trip.


This comprehensive camping cookbook will have you eating like a king on the trail!

"Prepping for a camping trip is enough work on its own without having to stress about what to cook! Amelia's recipes will have you excited for camping meals no matter what type of adventure you're on--whether car camping or heading into the backcountry. There's something in here for everyone--regardless of your method of cooking or dietary preferences." --Maura Marko, We Found Adventure (

"We all love a delicious meal in the beautiful outdoors. Amelia Mayer's scrumptious yet simple recipes will please your palate and fuel you up with healthy food for your adventures in the wild. Her book is a must-have for all your camping trips." --John Soares, Author of Camp for Free: Dispersed Camping & Boondocking on America's Public Lands

"I've been following Amelia's popular outdoor blog for over a decade, so I was thrilled when she came out with The Easy Camp Cookbook. There is a huge variety of recipes, and I love that all of them are healthy, simple, and can be made quickly. The tips that Amelia provides, including how to simplify camp cooking, are going to help get your camping food on the table faster to keep hungry kids happy and well fueled for your camping adventures." --Jessica Averett, Creator, Bring The Kids

"A fantastic cookbook that takes the guesswork out of camp cooking for all levels of campers. I see myself using this book not only as a checklist of camping dos and don'ts, but it also makes menu planning a breeze with great recipes for every meal. Short prep times with great results to keep you well-fed and time spent full of adventure and not always waiting for something to cook." --Adam Nutting, Founder and Writer at Campfire Stories (

"They say hunger is the best spice while camping, but Amelia's book helped me realize that actual spices help, too! She has so much experience camp cooking for her family, and my kiddo personally loved the vegetarian burritos. So happy to bring this cookbook on our summer adventures" --Heather Balogh Rochfort, Co-founder of WildKind ( and Author of Backpacking 101, Women Who Hike, and Sleeping Bags to S'mores


Amelia Mayer finds her sanity outdoors where the fresh air seems to dull any whining and lets everyone breathe just a little easier. She loves to cook and does her best to spruce up camping dining with delicious meals, from camp-gourmet to hot dogs. Find her at and follow her on Instagram @mtnmamatales.

Rockridge Press

Pub Date: November 10, 2020

0.71" H x 6.5" L x 6.5" W

260 pages