The Diamond in the Window (Hall Family Chronicles #1)

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The Halls' house stood out like an exotic plant amidst all the neat, square houses in Concord. It had porches, domes and towers--and a tiny window in the attic whose raised center pane shone out like a brilliant diamond.


There had been jewels once in the house, the gift of an Indian prince to two children, Ned and Nora. The prince had devised ingenious games so that the hidden jewels could be found. And then, suddenly, mysteriously the children and Prince Krishna disappeared...

Years later, Eleanor and Eddy, niece and nephew of the lost children, set out to look for the jewels in order to save their house from being repossessed by the bank. They follow the clues of Prince Krishna's strange treasure hunt, a game harmless and exciting at first, but becoming increasingly filled with peril.

The town of Concord, with its strong literary and philosophical heritage, is the background for Langton's fantasy. Erik Blegvad's illustrations completely capture its atmosphere.

"It is to this book that I credit my own belief in the capacity of fiction to enlarge, enlighten, enliven. It remains one of the most important books in my reading life--it showed me what books could do. It made me want to become a writer, too." -- --Gregory Maguire, "bestselling author of WICKED"


"Magic in Concord, Massachusetts. Plus Emerson and Thoreau. This book (and its sequels) struck a deep chord in me early on." -- -- "Anne Nesbet, author"

"Reminiscent in structure of Alice In Wonderland, it gives full vent to fantasy in following the escapades of Eddy and Eleanor in a world of dreams and nightmares. The attempt to weave New England history into the main fabric--to incorporate Thoreau's and Emerson's ideas, is fascinating." -- -- "Kirkus"
Originally published: New York: Harper & Row, 1962.


ages: 8-11

Purple House Press

Pub Date: February 28, 2020

0.9" H x 8.2" L x 5.5" W

264 pages