The Adventures of Sammy Jay by Thornton W. Burgess

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Sammy Jay thinks he's a very fine gentleman and is proud of his handsome blue coat and high cap. But Sammy often does things he shouldn't do -- like stealing. Nobody likes to be told he's a thief -- especially Sammy Jay! Much of the time, he just struts around, trying to look important when he thinks someone is looking at him. Filled with pranks and rivalries, this delightful tale -- enhanced with Harrison Cady's charming illustrations -- combines humorous animal escapades with gentle lessons about wildlife and nature.

One of the most prolific and best-loved writers of children's books, Thornton W. Burgess (1874-1965) created heartwarming tales of animals and their natural habitats. His stories, bestsellers year after year, have thrilled generations of youngsters.

Table of Contents:

I. Sammy Jay Makes a Fuss
II. A Bitter Disappointment
III. The Vanity of Sammy Jay
IV. Sammy Jay Gets Even with Peter Rabbit
V. Sammy Jay Brings News
VI. Black Pussy Almost Catches a Good Breakfast
VII. Chatterer Works Hard
VIII. Sammy Jay Drops a Hint
IX. Chatterer Screws Up His Courage
X. Chatterer Studies a Way to Get Farmer Brown's Corn
XI. Chatterer Grows Reckless
XII. Chatterer Frightens Sammy Jay
XIII. Sammy Jay Tells His Troubles to Reddy Fox
XIV. Reddy Fox Plays Spy
XV. Sammy Jay Spoils the Plan of Reddy Fox
XVI. Chatterer and Sammy Jay Quarrel
XVII. Chatterer and Sammy Jay Make Up
XVIII. Chatterer Has To Keep His Promise
XIX. Chatterer Gets Sammy Jay Some Corn
XX. Chatterer Remembers Something
XXI. Sammy Jay Makes a Call
XXII. Chatterer Has a Dreadful Day
XXIII. Chatterer Hits on a Plan at Last
XXIV. Chatterer Has His Turn To Laugh


Target Age: 7-9

Dover Publications

Pub Date: April 10, 2006

0.28" H x 8.14" L x 5.64" W

87 pages