The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad (Revised) by Thornton W. Burgess

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Old Mr. Toad was acting strangely, and his behavior puzzled all the creatures of the Green Meadow. You see, he was in a hurry, and Old Mr. Toad NEVER hurried unless he was in danger. Where on earth could he be off to? To find out, Jimmy Skunk, Peter Cottontail, Unc' Billy Possum, and some other animals of the Green Forest secretly follow the old gentleman through the fields and woods as he makes his way to a very important engagement.

Young readers will enjoy discovering Old Mr. Toad's destination in this delightful tale by master storyteller, Thornton W. Burgess. Set in the timeless fictional locale of the Green Forest and the Smiling Pool, this book transports today's youngsters to the same world of gentle breezes and lovable creatures that has delighted generations of children before then. There, they'll enjoy the warmth and whimsy of this tale while learning important lessons about nature, the environment, and the lesser folk of fur and feathers.


by Thornton W. Burgess

Published in association with the Thornton W. Burgess Museum and the Greenbriar Nature Center, Sandwich, Massachusetts.;Peter Rabbit and the other woodland animals discover that they have misjudged Old Mr. Toad, who also learns some important lessons.

Target Age: 8-14

Dover Publications

Pub Date:  June 10, 1998

0.22" H x 8.28" L x 5.18" W

80 pages