Space Exploration for Kids: A Junior Scientist's Guide to Astronauts, Rockets, and Life in Zero Gravity

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Explore deep space and beyond

Get ready to take a thrilling journey to the farthest reaches of the universe. Space Exploration for Kids is loaded with out-of-this-world facts and eye-popping photographs that give you an inside look into the daily lives of astronauts. From learning the history of space exploration and rockets to what life is like up there, this top choice among space books for kids 6-9 will inspire you to reach for the stars.

Discover what it takes to become an astronaut in this informative selection in space books for kids 6-9. Included are sections about training, how space affects the human body, and the type of work they conduct. Learn about different types of crewed spacecraft, and find out how to design your own rocket ship! Your first step toward a rocket-fueled adventure begins right now.

This standout among space books for kids 6-9 includes:

  • Reach for the stars--One of the most engaging space books for kids 6-9 takes you beyond the solar system and into deep space.
  • Astronaut 101--From astronaut training to living in space, there's a special focus on astronauts and space travel.
  • Learn more!--A selection of bonus materials like sidebars, fun activities, and callouts make your learning experience even more fun.


Go beyond other space books for kids 6-9 with this informative book about the final frontier.

"Dr. Bruce Betts impresses again with his space knowledge! This book is so inspiring to future astronauts and space-lovers with its amazing imagery, hands-on activities, and unique view into astronauts' lives and training. All kids at one point dream of being an astronaut, and this book is the perfect addition to their personal library to expand their curiosity and imagination even more!" --Dr. Erica Colón, Founder of Nitty Gritty Science, LLC

"The best looking, best written of Dr. Betts' works so far. Why wasn't a book like this on the shelf when I was 7 or 9? Packed with illustrations and activities, with engaging text at just the right level, it would have been a treasured part of my library for years. The fledgling astronaut or space scientist in any home will feel the same." --Mat Kaplan, Host and Producer of Planetary Radio, The Planetary Society

"Space Exploration for Kids is a fun and colorful launchpad for the imaginations of young space explorers. Bruce Betts knows space travel inside and out, and you won't find a better guide for charting their journey to the stars." --Tom Jones, PhD, Veteran Astronaut and Author of Ask the Astronaut: A Galaxy of Astonishing Answers to Your Questions about Spaceflight

DR. BRUCE BETTS is a planetary scientist and children's book author who loves teaching people about planets, space, and the night sky in fun and entertaining ways. He is the author of Astronomy for Kids; Super Cool Space Facts; My First Book of Planets; and V.R. Space Explorers: Titan's Black Cat. Find him online at or follow him on Twitter @RandomSpaceFact.

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