Snowshoe Thompson: Sierra Mailman by John L. Smith

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The Fields of Silver and Gold series brings the past alive. Meet the trailblazers and the pioneers, the first people and the famous explorers, the legends and the everyday heroes that shaped the history, land, and culture of the West. Their powerful stories will fascinate and inspire you.

Pioneer. Adventurer. Hero. Before the railroad made travel to the isolated communities of the Sierra Nevada accessible, Snowshoe Thompson endured the elements to trek across snowy mountains, facing frostbite, fatigue, and even wolves to deliver the mail. Thompson carried more than letters from home; he carried on his back the future of Nevada, saving lives in the process, on snowshoes of his own design. He is known as the founding father of snow skiing in California and has been honored for his bravery and service.

Target Age: 9-12

Keystone Canyon Press

Pub Date: October 14, 2020

0.14" H x 7.81" L x 5.06" W

66 pages