Sibley's Hummingbirds of North America Wall Poster

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The meticulous paintings of an acclaimed artist and distinguished naturalist are represented in this exceptional collection of hummingbirds. This superb poster replicates breathtakingly detailed illustrations of all 18 of the hummingbird species native to North America. Included in relative, life-size scale are both male and female birds in various stages of development--adult, subadult, and juvenile birds--to reflect the differences in sizes. From the green violet-ear to the buff-bellied hummingbird, no hummingbird is left out, and birders and nature lovers will be dazzled by the array of species presented here.

Once in a great while, a natural history book changes the way people look at the world. In 1838, John James Audubon's Birds of America was one . . . in 1934, Roger Tory Peterson produced Field Guide to the Birds . . . now comes The Sibley Guide to Birds. -- New York Times


Call the Sibley Guide an ecological testament to the majesty of birds in all their variations. I can hardly wait to take this book in hand and go birding with new eyes. --Terry Tempest Williams


This wonderful book is comprehensive--erudite--in fact, magnificent, a powerful book that will start a new generation of bird books and birding. It provides triple the educational content over any predecessor. The treatments are innovative and superb. --Frank Gill, director of science, National Audubon Society

A wonderful companion volume to David Sibley's superb bird books, with the same beautifully precise species illustrations and concise, clear descriptions and range maps--altogether an invaluable contribution to our nature literature. --Peter Matthiessen, author, on The Sibley Guide to Trees

David Allen Sibley has been watching and drawing birds since 1969 and has traveled throughout North America studying the natural world, both on his own and as a leader of bird-watching tours. He is the author of The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North AmericaThe Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North AmericaThe Sibley Guide to Bird Life & BehaviorThe Sibley Guide to BirdsSibley's Birding Basics, and The Sibley Guide to Trees. He lives in Concord, Massachusetts.

Scott & Nix, Inc

Pub Date: October 01, 2010

0.6" H x 10.9" L x 8.4" W

1 page