Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year by Allie Esiri

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Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year is not just for Christmas, but for all time. --Helena Bonham Carter


A magnificent collection of 365 passages from Shakespeare's works, for the Shakespeare scholar and neophyte alike.


Make Shakespeare a part of your daily routine with Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year, a yearlong collection of passages from Shakespeare's greatest works. Drawing from the full spectrum of plays and sonnets to mark each day of the year, whether it's a scene from Hamlet to celebrate Christmas or a Sonnet in June to help you enjoy a summer's day. There are also passages to mark important days in the Shakespeare calendar, both from his own life and from his plays: You'll read a pivotal speech from Julius Caesar on the Ides of March and celebrate Valentine's day with a sonnet. Every passage is accompanied by an enlightening note to teach you its significance and help you better appreciate the timelessness and poetry of Shakespeare's words . Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year will give you a thoughtful way reflect on each day, all while giving you a deeper appreciation for the most famous writer in the English language.

Allie Esiri is a former English stage, film, and television actress and has been in numerous productions of Shakespeare's plays, including performances with the English Shakespeare Company. A lifelong lover of Shakespeare's poetry, she also studied Medieval and Modern English at Cambridge University.

Penguin Books

Pub Date: November 24, 2020

1.7" H x 8.3" L x 5.6" W 

608 pages