Peterson Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of Eastern and Central North America

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A completely updated edition, including 122 newly recognized or recently established non-native species of reptiles and amphibians.


The new edition of this definitive guide reflects 25 years' worth of changes in our knowledge of reptiles and amphibians. It includes descriptions of 122 newly recognized or recently established non-native species, updated maps, and new figures and photos. Color illustrations and drawings show key details for accurate identification. More than 100 color photographs and 322 color distribution maps accompany the species descriptions. Clear and concise species accounts provide key characteristics, similar species, habitats, and ranges, as well as subspecies, voice descriptions, and conservation status. This edition will be a crucial resource for professional and amateur herpetologists, naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and students.


ROBERT POWELL is professor of biology at Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri.

The late ROGER CONANT was director and curator of reptiles at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The late JOSEPH T. COLLINS was founder and director of the Center for North American Herpetology.

Mariner Books

Pub Date: April 12, 2016

1.0" H x 7.2" L x 4.6" W

512 pages