Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes

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There are nearly 1,000 species of freshwater fishes in North America alone, and identifying them can sometimes be a daunting task. In fact, in just the twenty years since publication of the first edition of the Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes, the number of species has risen by almost 150, including 19 marine invaders and 16 newly established nonnative species. This second edition incorporates all of these new species, plus all-new maps and a collection of new and revised plates. Some of the species can be told apart only by minute differences in coloration or shape, and these beautifully illustrated plates reveal exactly how to distinguish each species.


The guide includes detailed maps and information showing where to locate each species of fish--whether that species can be found in miles-long stretches of river or small pools that cover only dozens of square feet. The ichthyologic world of the twenty-first century is not the same as it was in the twentieth, and this brand-new edition of the definitive field guide to freshwater fishes reflects these many changes.

Table of Contents:


How to Use This Guide ix
Plates xxi

Lampreys 119

Whiptail Stingrays 133

Sturgeons 134
Paddlefishes 139
Gars 140
Bowfins 143
Mooneyes 144
Featherfin Knifefishes 145
Freshwater Eels 145
Anchovies 146
Herrings and Shads 147
Carps and Minnows 152
Suckers 299
Loaches 340
Characins 340
North American Catfishes 341
Labyrinth Catfishes 369
Plated Catfishes 369
Suckermouth Armored Catfishes 370
Pikes and Mudminnows 371
Smelts 377
Trouts, Salmons, and Whitefishes 380
Trout-Perches 415
Pirate Perch 416
Cavefishes 417
Cuskfishes 420
Cods 421
New World Silversides 421
New World Rivulines 424
Topminnows 424
Livebearers 440
Splitfins 452
Pupfishes 454
Needlefishes 461
Sticklebacks 462
Pipefishes 465
Swamp Eels 465
Freshwater Spiny Eels 466
Sculpins 466
Temperate Basses 483
Sunfishes 486
Darters and Perches 508
Drums and Croakers 602
Pygmy Sunfishes 603
Mullets 606
Cichlids 607
Surfperches 614
Snakeheads 615
Sleepers 616
Gobies 617
Sand Flounders 619
Righteye Flounders 620
American Soles 620

Acknowledgments 625
Glossary 627
References 635
Photo Credits 636
Index 637


DR. LAWRENCE M. PAGE is curator of fishes at the Florida Museum of Natural History. He is also principal scientist emeritus for the Illinois Natural History Survey's Center for Biodiversity, and an affiliate professor at the University of Florida.

DR. BROOKS M. BURR is a professor in the department of zoology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and is an affiliate scientist of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Dr. Page and Dr. Burr have extensive field experience and have published numerous papers on the freshwater fishes of North America.

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Pub Date: April 21, 2011

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