Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional Guide by Clay Clarkson

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Our 24 Family Ways is a parent-friendly, Bible-centered family time resource that seamlessy weaves together devotional interaction with discipleship instruction for the whole family. This is a tool to train your children in the way they should go, teach them Bible truths and principles, train them in Christian character and values, and strengthen their relationship with the Lord.


Our 24 Family Ways is a multi-purpose family devotional guide that will shape hearts in your home for God and his ways. It's easy to use and hard to forget! Here's what's included:


--120 complete family devotionals...five for each of the Ways, in family-ready ARTS outlines.
--24 easy-to-learn family Ways...24 biblical values in six key areas of family life.
--24 Scripture memory passages...one for each Way, in NIV, NASB, and NKJV.
--24 character quality definitions...one for each Way, in child-friendly language.
--25 original screened illustrations...one for each Way, plus one for Proverbs 22:6.
--25 line art coloring pages...make My 24 Family Ways notebooks for each child.


The only thing missing from this whole family devotional guide is you...to open it and use it. Clear instructions and a generous helping of creative ideas and suggestions are included for using the Ways in your family.


Additional PDF downloads and user-generated companion resources are available on the publisher's website at wholeheart.org.

Clay Clarkson is the father of four wholehearted children. Our 24 Family Ways grew out of his desire to integrate lively family devotions with meaningful biblical discipleship in training his children to walk on God's path of life. He directs Whole Heart Ministries, a Christian home and parenting ministry founded in 1994 with his wife, Sally. Clay is a graduate of Denver Seminary, and has been in vocational Christian ministry most of his adult life. He is the author of Educating the WholeHearted ChildHeartfelt Discipline, and other books for Christian parents.


Whole Heart Ministries

Pub Date: February 01, 2014

0.35" H x 11.02" L x 8.5" W

162 pages