One Small Square: Woods (Revised) by Donald M Silver

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The woods are full of puzzles to be solved, clues to be found. Inspired by this book's hints and fun-filled experiments and activities, and using only simple equipment, young readers unlock the closely guarded secrets of the woods--from the strange meetings of lazy butterflies, to the miraculous "walking" of a twig, to the riddle of why the leaves turn color and fall. One small square at a time, these "detectives" plunge deeper and deeper into ancient mysteries--without ever getting lost. Beautifully illustrated, Woods offers a picture field guide, a glossary-index, and a resource list.

"Bound to excite would-be scientists and browsers alike."--ALA Booklist

"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep," wrote the poet Robert Frost. The woods are still alive with mysteries waiting to be solved, with clues ready to be brought to light. What causes the leaves to fall? Why does the chirpy chipmunk need so many nuts? How can a "twig" walk? Or a deer "freeze"? With a little detective work and some simple equipment, you can begin to uncover the secret life of the woods, plunging deeper and deeper--without getting lost--one small square at a time. Woods is just one of the exciting vibrantly illustrated volumes in the critically acclaimed One Small Square series of science and nature books for children ages 6-9.

Each book includes:

  • Stunning full-color illustrations of each habitat and its creatures
  • Motivating experiments and activities, along with clear, diagrammed instructions and safety tips
  • A picture field guide to the habitat
  • A glossary-index and resource list

One Small Square--an eye-opening series--puts the whole world in perspective for children, one small square at a time. Each book is a thrilling, up-close encounter with mammals, insects, plants, birds, fish, amphibians, bacteria, and the ecosystems in which they live.

"Science education at its best."--Science Books and Films

Donald M. Silver is the author of more than 40 science books for children and teachers alike. In addition to the award-winning One Small Square series, he has written The Animal World, Why Save the Rain Forest?, Extinction Is Forever, and The Dinosaur Activity Book--all illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne.

Patricia J. Wynne's illustrations have also appeared in Scientific American, Natural History, and the New York Times as well as in the highly praised books Hungry, Hungry Sharks, and The Human Body.

Target Age: 6-9

McGraw Hill Companies

Pub Date: March 22, 1997

0.14" H x 9.14" L x 9.06" W

48 pages