Observer's Notebook: Birds (the Perfect Journal for Bird Watchers)

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A gorgeous notebook with blank pages, bird illustrations, and useful information


Practical and stylish with a luxurious cloth cover. Sturdy enough to last across seasons, this journal has durable, high-quality paper with different designs for your observations, from simple lists to long passages. Keep your place in the field with a ribbon marker.
  • A great gift for bird watching hobbyists and nature enthusiasts
  • Convenient size and weight
  • Colorful illustrations, plus 144 pages for journaling
  • Easy to use for sightings, tracking, drawings, and thoughts
  • Includes helpful hints on attracting birds

Useful charts and drawings. Beautiful vintage charts identify variations of bird feathers, eggs, nests, and species. Backyard birdwatchers and budding ornithologists can reference the silhouettes of birds in flight, comparative sizes of birds, and identify beak and foot adaptations.

Princeton Architectural Press

Pub Date: March 05, 2019

0.6" H x 9.0" L x 7.0" W

linen cover