Notes on Fishes (The Nature Notebook Series) by Anna Botsford Comstock

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After 100 years, Anna Comstock’s Nature Notebook Series for Students is back in print!

Originally published in the early 1900’s, Anna Comstock intended that the pupil would use these notebooks, with their teacher- and alongside her Handbook of Nature Study, to create their very own field guides by observing local flora and fauna.

The Fish notebook contains educational text and illustrations, forms for the student to fill out, and outlines of several fish found in North American waters.

Books in this series:
Notes on Birds 1 & 2
Notes on Plants & Flowers
Notes on Fishes
Notes on Insects
Notes on Trees

Anna Comstock’s most famous work, The Handbook of Nature Study, was written by many different authors, including James Needham and George Embody, both of which contributed to The Nature Notebook Series (Mr. Needham authored the notebook on Insects, which has not been put back into print yet). Mr. Embody was an assistant professor of agriculture at the time of his contribution to this project.

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