Nature All Around: Plants by Pamela Hickman

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Balancing child-friendly facts with colorful illustrations, this perfect introduction to plants is sure to inspire the budding naturalist in every child. From crowded cities to open prairies, deserts to wetlands, plants grow everywhere! This comprehensive introduction will open children's eyes to the plants that surround them every day and how important they are to life on our planet. It covers the basics of plants, such as their parts, life cycles and growing zones. Then it takes readers on a season-by-season tour of what a plant-watcher can expect to discover throughout the year. There are sections on strange plants and those that are endangered, and how readers can help. And for hands-on experience, there's an interactive Q&A for learning how to identify plants, and an activity for growing your own plants. With the perfect balance of child-friendly facts and colorful illustrations, this book encourages children to actively engage with the natural world. Bestselling and award-winning author Pamela Hickman covers all the essential science about plants --- including photosynthesis and pollination --- in clear and easy-to-digest text. And Carolyn Gavin's colorful illustrations bring it all to life, with accurate and inviting representations of the information. This book has strong curriculum applications for life science and earth science lessons in grades two through five, particularly for the characteristics of living things. Rounding out its usefulness are a full-spread growing zone map, an index and a glossary.


"This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive book explores everything you've ever wanted to know about why plants are so essential. In this third book in the Nature All Around series, young readers will learn all about different plants' parts, life cycles, habitats and more, before going on a journey through a year in a plant's life. Essential scientific topics, such as pollination and photosynthesis, are explained in kid-friendly language, with helpful diagrams. A two-page map helps kids identify what kinds of plants grow in their part of the country. Readers will even get to know the plants in their communities with the help of a plant-watching questionnaire. End matter includes information about endangered plants and how readers can help, a "Grow Microgreens" activity, glossary and index."--

Pamela is an award-winning author of over 35 non-fiction nature books for children, including The Kids Canadian Nature Series, First Look at Nature Series, Animal Senses and Animals Hibernating. She lives in Canning, Nova Scotia.

An attractive science book.-- Booklist

Another charming entry in a delightful natural-science series.-- Kirkus Reviews

This brief introduction to the world of plants is a serviceable primer.-- School Library Journal

... an all-around solid and worthwhile book ...-- CM Magazine


Kids Can Press

Pub Date: April 07, 2020

0.4" H x 11.1" L x 9.1" W

32 pages