Natural Watercolor Kit

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Make your own professional quality, non-toxic, and vibrant watercolor paints with this Natural Watercolor Kit! This kit provides the supplies needed to create watercolor paints that are free of toxic preservatives, additives, heavy metals, and petroleum based pigments found in conventional paints. Simple and time-tested ingredients combine to create an archival paint with excellent luminosity and coverage. Just add honey or glycerin!

Natural Watercolor Kit includes:

3 oz. packet of Gum Arabic

7 watercolor pans for storage (29mm x 19mm x 10mm)

7 2 oz. packets of Earth & Mineral Pigments in Venetian Red, Orange Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Emerald Green, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Purple, and Burnt Sienna

Complete Mixing Instructions

Dimensions:  4" l x 3.3" w x 11.3" h

Made in United States of America

Natural Earth Paint