Mushrooms of the World with Pictures to Color (Dover Coloring Book)

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This innovative coloring book introduces 92 fascinating mushroom species from all over the world. From the foot-tall parasol mushroom to minute, inconspicuous miniature mushrooms -- from the poisonous to the delicious, each species is depicted in its natural habitat in meticulously rendered black-and-white illustrations.

Detailed captions accompany the full-page drawings and provide scientific and common mushroom names, countries of origin, description of structure natural habitat growing conditions, and even flavors of edible types. An introduction provides information on identification methods and the mushroom life cycle.

Page by page, you'll discover the beauty and diversity of different mushroom species found in deserts, rain forests, or common garden mulch. Best of all, Mushrooms of the World allows you to participate in this invaluable learning experience by adding

nature's vibrant colors to botanically accurate illustrations.

Target Age: 8-18

Dover Publications

Pub Date: April 17, 2013

0.17" H x 10.96" L x 8.15" W

48 pages