Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs (55th Anniversary Edition) by Leonard Kessler

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Mr. Pine made signs.  

He made signs that said STOP. 
He made signs that said GO.
He made signs that said FAST.
And signs that said SLOW.

When the signs in Little Town were old, the mayor said, “we need all new signs.” Mr. Pine painted all new signs in one week. “I will put them up,” he said. But he could not find his glasses. He put the signs up anyway.

The signs were all MIXED-UP! Little Town was all mixed-up! Where were Mr. Pine’s glasses? Who had his glasses? How did he solve the problem of all those mixed-up signs?

55th Anniversary Edition of Mr. Pines Mixed-up Signs and the adventures of our beloved, intrepid sign painter Mr. Pine.

Reason #185 of 240 Reasons to Celebrate America! Time Magazine, July 11, 2016

Time Magazine Design Director D.W. Pine says, “I’ve always loved signs. When I was a kid, they kept me entertained on long family road trips. Now, I appreciate their graphic simplicity more than ever! My kids loved Mr. Pine because of his name…no relation to me, but don’t tell them that!”

We’re thrilled to be in such good company, other recommended books are Huckleberry FinnThe Long WinterWhere the Sidewalk EndsLove You Forever and Mr. Pine’s Mixed-Up Signs!

ages: 3-8

Purple House Press

0.2" H x 8.3" L x 5.4" W

64 pages