Man of the Family (Little Britches Book 2)

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Fortified with Yankee ingenuity and western can-do energy, the Moody family, transplanted from New England, builds a new life on a Colorado ranch early in the 20th century. Father has died and Little Britches shoulders the responsibilities of a man at age eleven. Continues the true pioneering adventures as unforgettable as those in Little Britches. Illustrated.

Ralph Moody's books should be read aloud in every family circle in America--Sterling North--Sterling North

[Moody] has a splendid talent for bringing the ashes of the past into life.-- Chicago Sunday Tribune-- "Chicago Sunday Tribune"

An affectionate portrait of ranch-town folk who knew how to help without humiliating, and a warm but ungushing tribute to a remarkable woman who deplored her inability to give her children everything, yet gave them much.-- New York Times-- "New York Times"

Man of the Family is everything that Little Britches was--a heart-warming, frank, com-pletely delightful narrative. Some readers may even like it better.-- San Francisco Chronicle-- "San Francisco Chronicle"

Mr. Moody remembers, and can put on paper, the terrifying passion of a small boy's heart, where there is no routine, and every victory and every disappointment is oversize and overwhelming.-- New York Herald Tribune-- "New York Herald Tribune"

A heart-warming book. . . . Little Britches' fierce loyalty to his mother is matched only by his practical consideration for his brothers and sisters.-- Christian Science Monitor-- "Christian Science Monitor"

Ralph Moody (1898-1982) is the author of Come on Seabicuit! as well as the Little Britches series about a boy's life on a Colorado ranch, all available in Bison Books editions.

Target Age: 9-12

Bison Books

Pub Date:  January 01, 1993

0.6" H x 7.9" L x 5.2" W

272 pages