Listography: The Game: May the Best List Win!

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A Real Simple gift guide pick for 2017


A fun board game based on the best-selling Listography journal series: Listography: The Game invites players to create and share lists based on fun and thought-provoking topics - from geography and pop culture to toothpaste and constellations! With the goal of being the first around the game board, players score points according to the number of similar or unique answers. Every round in the game results in creative thinking, surprise outcomes, and lots of laughs. May the best list win!


- Small and compact for travel and to take to dinner parties
- Game makes a fun and unique housewarming gift
- Lisa Nola is the creator of the Listography book series and the popular list-making website, With over one million copies sold, her books inspire creative auto-biography and reinvention through list-making


Listography: The Game will appeal to list-lovers who want to have a good time laughing with friends.


- For 3-6 players, ages 12 and up
- Includes: 300 cards (300 list topics), game board, 6 player tokens, sand timer, 6 list pads
- Great ice-breaking game and for groups to get to know each other


 "Listography should be billed as the party game for introverts. There's no shouting out required here, no silly hats to wear...or embarrassing charades to perform...For a party game, it's positively serene. And I love it."
-GeekDad-- -

Chronicle Books

Pub Date:  July 05, 2016

1.9" H x 10.7" L x 3.9" W