Lilies: Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden

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Dramatic elegance and fragrance for your garden with lilies both exotic and quietly elegant.

The lily is an emotive flower, with cultural connotations of romance, remembrance, love, and innocence. Revered from Greek and Roman mythology to the hybridizations of today, lilies permeate gardens, culture, and ceremonies with their classic floral beauty. From the ever-adored white lily to vibrant and exotic oriental lilies, these perennials are colorful, graceful adornments for any garden. Gracing the grounds from mid-spring until late autumn, lilies are dramatic and striking. The beautifully presented reference guide features more than 50 well-loved and unusual varieties of lily, from the towering and prolific Arabian Knight to the fiery L. 'Forever Susan', the pink, pollen-free L. Elodie to the six-foot-tall Giant Himalayan Lily. Find out how to care for your lilies, with practical tips for all kinds of gardens, containers and balconies.

Georgianna Lane's captivating photographs showcase the splendor and variety of the lily, while Naomi Slade imparts her gardening expertise for the fullest blooms of this rewarding flower. this book will appeal to everybody who is after the best bloom for weddings, outdoor spaces or the most bountiful cut flowers.

"Should Naomi Slade's books come with a warning? As I found myself writing down yet another 'must try' variety from her new book, it seemed sensible. There's no doubt that reading them is dangerous."-- "The Chatty Gardener" 

"LILIES captures this iconic flower in all its glory and charm. ... We love the lily for its timeless elegance and this is a perfect book for anyone who appreciates the best bloom."--William Tomicki "Travel by Entree"

"... the photos are stunning. They provide great eye candy."--Jim Dronenburg "Washington Gardener Magazine" 

"Overall, it's a beautiful book that will serve as an eye-opener for beginners to flick through for ideas, with all of the detail to help you become an expert in lily growing. Pick it up to choose a new lily or follow all the advice to become a lily pro"-- "Gardens Illustrated" 

"The photography by Georgianna Lane is fabulous--bright, bold and colourful--with lots of large closeups."--Lorraine Hunter "Toronto Botanical Garden" 


Naomi Slade is a well-known journalist and photographer specializing in gardening, environment, and lifestyle. A biologist by training, naturalist by inclination, and with a lifelong love of plants, she contributes regularly to a range of British publications including The English Garden and House and Garden. She is the author of Hydrangeas and Dahlias. She lives in the UK.

Georgianna Lane is a floral, garden and travel photographer whose work is sought for books, calendars, and more. Her work has been featured in Country Living, House Beautiful, Flower, Romantic Homes and Victoria. She is the photographer of the complete Beautiful Varieties for the Home and Garden series. She divides her time between homes in the Pacific Northwest and Paris.

Gibbs Smith

Pub Date: April 20, 2021

1.0" H x 9.8" L x 7.6" W

240 pages