Letters from My Baby's First Year: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

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More than 2.8 million copies sold in the series! One of Oprah's Favorite Things!


This book of 12 letters lets parents record memories, hopes, and dreams of their baby's first year. Each month, parents fill out a letter, take a photo of their baby with the matching milestone card and place it in a photo frame, and seal with the enclosed stickers, creating a unique keepsake to treasure forever.


- AN EASY AND UNIQUE WAY TO RECORD MILESTONES: The letter templates, photo frames, and milestone cards are a novel way to keep track of all the milestones of a baby's first year, while also creating a priceless heirloom that generations to come will cherish. Simply fill out a letter, take a photo of your baby with a milestone card, place it in a photo frame, and seal with one of the enclosed stickers.
- A MEANINGFUL GIFT: Letters from My Baby's First Year is a unique gift for expecting parents or new moms and dads, or a great add-on for a baby shower.
- OPRAH LOVES THIS LINE: The Letters to My . . . series was featured on Oprah's list of Favorite Things. Overall, the series has sold nearly 3 million copies.
- INCLUDES: 12 die-cut photo frames, 12 fold-and-mail envelopes, 12 milestones on cards, full-color sticker sheet
Lea Redmond is the author of the bestselling Letters to My . . . series. She crafts objects, designs experiences, writes books, and plays with ideas at her studio in Oakland, California.


Chronicle Books

Pub Date: August 11, 2020

1.0" H x 7.8" L x 3.7" W