Insects Nature Tube

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Twelve types of insect figures, duplicates of each:  fly, caterpillar, scorpion, dragon fly, mantis, ant, cricket, spiders, centipede, red beetle, grasshopper, beetle.

Ideal for on the go entertainment Perfect for imaginative play, school projects, dioramas, animal themed birthday party, cake decorations, some good old adventure, and educational toys.

For ages 3 and up.

Made of Phthalate and lead-free materials.

These toys are easy to clean with soap and water.

Put the insect repellent away. Our life-like insect toy figures are here to play.

Approximate size of these highly detailed, hand-painted and durable figurines are 2 to 3 1/2 inches.

Package dimensions: 14 L x 2.5" W x 1.5"H

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