Imaginhero: Superhero Therapy Cards to Help Kids Deal with Negative Thinking, Stress, and Anxiety

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Imaginhero is a therapy tool to help children re-frame their approach to problems.  

Superhero Therapy.

A deck of cards that teaches kids how to use visualization, creative thinking and mindfulness to deal with anxiety, stress and confrontation using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

Uses superheroes and storytelling to prompt kids to focus on something that is causing them anxiety, and then imagining a superpower that can overcome it.  

Everyday Problems.  Superhero Solutions.

For use in child therapy or school counselor sessions, with a trusted parent or friend.  Imaginhero uses superheroes to develop new ways to deal with confrontation, improve social skills and increase focus.  

Be an Imaginhero.

Turn anger into super-strength, raise forcefields to block negativity, meet new people with the confidence of a superhero, stop negative thought with a freeze-ray, use your laser vision to laser focus on a task.  Each superpower you imagine is something you can use to help deal with challenges in your everyday life. 

Imaginhero is designed for people aged 10 and over who are looking for ways to deal with stress or anxiety, whether they're working this alone, in a group, with a therapist, counselor, parent or educator.  

Made in USA. Designed in California.  Printed in Kentucky using sustainable forest paper and vegetable-based inks.

Cards for Calm