How I'm Feeling Cards

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How I'm Feeling Cards - 54 Sentence Completion Cards to get children talking about their feelings.  


It can be difficult to get children to share their feelings and thoughts, particularly in times of difficulty. This 54-card pack provides children with a variety of sentence completion prompts to help them open up and share what they're thinking and feeling.

  • IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF ENVIRONMENTS: Designed with a therapeutic setting in mind, whether formal or informal, these cards are an excellent resource for parents, teachers, therapists and other mental health professionals. Designed for children 5-12.

  • RICHLY DRAWN CHARACTERS: Featuring rich, bright, colorful drawings, each card features an adorable puppy and his friends in a variety of spots. The characters help children in identifying, processing and working through an array of issues.

  • USEFUL FOR DISCUSSING DIFFICULT EMOTIONS: Children can often shy away from discussing difficult topics. Our simple prompts and comforting characters will help them discuss difficult topics like anger, anxiety, sadness, grief, traumatic experiences, family issues/changes, fears, difficulties at school and more.

  • GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES AND SITUATIONS: Perfect as an assessment tool, icebreaker, therapeutic tool / therapy game and in ELL, EAL and SEN environments. Helps reveal what children are feeling, thinking, hoping, wishing and so much more.