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Gallop over sprawling plains with these majestic steeds! This Toob features 12 horse figurines, including a Friesian, Walking, Haflinger, Stallion, Bay, Chestnut, Jutland, Trakehner, Clydesdale, White Stallion, Barb, and Appaloosa, wind blowing through their manes!

History: Arguably one of the most important species of animals worldwide, horses have played a crucial role in human culture for centuries. Fantastic aids for travel, work, and play, horses had and still have a large hand in shaping the modern world.

Characteristics: painted and crafted with true to life detail, these figurines capture each horse essence. Be it the Clyesdale's hickory hair, bulky body, and massive size, the white stallion's slim frame and blazing speed, or the Haflinger's tawny color and endearingly stubby build, this Toob is a perfect gift for any horse lover, and make great educational Montessori toys for all kinds of learning activities.

Made in China

Safari Ltd