Henry the Castaway by Mark Taylor, Graham Booth

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Original copyright date: 1972.; Henry and his dog Angus set out to discover uncharted seas but become marooned on an uninhabited island with a storm approaching..

Henry and his dog, Laird Angus McAngus, were fearless explorers. One morning they set out to find an ocean. They took along Henry's explorer's kit and a special new flag made from an old shirt.

"It may be a long and dangerous trip," Henry told his mother as they left.

"I hope it won't take all day," she said.

"Who knows?" replied Henry. "It could take a year!"

And it might have. For like many explorers of oceans, Henry and Angus were cast up on an island with no way to escape. But good explorers are prepared for everything, and these two proved more than equal to the dangers they met, though there were some tough moments.

ages: 3-8

Purple House Press

0.5" H x 8.9" L x 9.6" W

48 pages