Henry Explores the Jungle by Mark Taylor, Graham Booth

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Originally published in 1968, Henry and Angus are back for another adventure!

Once Henry and his dog, Laird Angus McAngus (Angus for short), had gone hunting for bear. But that was in winter. Now it was summer and time to explore the jungle.

"We may find a tiger," Henry told his mother.

"Well, don't get eaten," his mother said, handing him his lunch.

It was harder exploring the jungle than Henry had thought it would be. The grass was so high he could hardly see over it, and not all of the inhabitants were friendly.

Still, explorers are brave; when they find a tiger, they know just what to do. It is such moments of triumph that make exploring worthwhile, and make reading about it almost as good.

Target Ages: 3-8

Purple House Press

Pub Date: July 01, 2012

0.6" H x 8.8" L x 9.8" W

48 pages