Hello Animals, How Do You Sleep? by Loes Botman

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This beautiful board book introduces young children to a whole host of animals, including a squirrel, a fox, a bear, and a rabbit, and shows how they sleep.

Loes Botman's warm and detailed illustrations bring the different animals alive on the page, and the simple words and concepts make this a perfect bedtime book for young children.

'By keeping the text spare, Botman allows readers to focus on the illustrations, which are quite lovely. They appear to have been done with pastel crayons or some other smudgy medium, as they have a comforting, mottled look. A charming and very simple introduction to animals and their sleeping habits for babies and toddlers.'
- Kirkus Reviews

'Botman's latest nature-themed work does double duty, offering a few facts to the youngest of readers while gently lulling them to sleep. Children learn about the nocturnal habits of various creatures -- cows and sheep bed down in the hay, while rabbits and bears sleep in dens (the contrast between the hulking bear and the tiny bunny is delightful). Set against vivid, detailed backgrounds, these sumptuous illustrations will have eyelids drooping in no time.'
- School Library Journal

'Luminous snoozy images depict the animals peacefully curled up in their woodland, farm, and home environments. Each animal is surrounded with warm, halo-like colors and visual textures that echo their environments, from barnyard hay to warm, deep dens, bringing gentle artistry to the pages and an invitation for readers, too, to bed down. How do you sleep?'
- Publishers Weekly

Loes Botman is an illustrator in the Netherlands. She has been widely exhibited and runs workshops. She is also the illustrator of Hello Animals, What Makes You Special?, Hello Animals, Where Do You Live?, Hello Bugs, What Do You Do?, Hello Farm, How Do You Do?, and Hello Birds, What Do You Say?

Target Ages: 1-3

Floris Books

Pub Date: April 23, 2019

0.6" H x 7.0" L x 6.0" W

12 pages

board book