Heaven in Ordinary: A Poet's Corner Collection by Malcolm Guite

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Poet's Corner is Malcolm Guite's delectable column that appears on the back page of the Church Times each week. This second collection brings together more than seventy columns created from little glimpses and reflections from all corners of the country, the musings of a poet's mind, and the corners and alleyways of our literary heritage.

Malcolm's lucid, perceptive and imaginative columns follow a similar pattern to the sonnets for which he is so renowned, with a sense of development, of a turn or volta part way through, and a sense that the end revisits and re-reads the opening.

They draw together everyday events and encounters, landscape, journeys, poetry, stories, memory and a sense of the sacred, fusing them to create richly satisfying portraits of the familiar that at the same time open a doorway into a new and enchanted world.

Malcolm Guite is Chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge and a renowned poet and singer-songwriter. He lectures widely on poetry and theology in Britain and North America.

Canterbury Press

Pub Date: September 30, 2020

0.37" H x 7.81" L x 5.06" W

192 pages